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Stufe 2

1st Class  Video
13 MWZ  Video
A Bit Of Soap  Video
A Kiss Tonight  Video
A Little Love                                                                 Video
A Love Worth Waiting 4 Video
A Rockin' Good Way Video
A Ticket To The Blues Video
A Walk In The Park  Video
Achy Breaky Heart  Video
After Skiing  Video
Alamo Boom  Video
Baby Bubbles  Video
Bad Behavior  Video
Black Coffee Video
Blue Note  Video
Bob's Tango  Video
Bread And Butter  Video
Break Away  Video
Cha-Cha Ritmo  Video
Cheek To Cheek  Video
Chirpy Charleston  Video
Cinco De Mayo  Video
Cool Chick  Video
Crazy Foot Mambo  Video
D.H.S.S.  Video
Dizzy  Video
Don't Cry On My Shoulder  Video
Enchantment  Video
Fisher's Hornpipe  Video
Get Ready Here I Come  Video
Hearts & Flowers  Video
Honky Tonk Twist  Video
Irish Stew  Video
Island Cha-Cha  Video
Jailhouse Creole  Video
Just Bobbi With An I  Video
Lindi Shuffle  Video
Living Doll  Video
Magic Moon  Video
Midnight Waltz  Video
My Maria  Video
Picnic Polka  Video
Pizziricco  Video
Remember The Night  Video
Rio  Video
Rose Garden  Video
San Antonio Stroll  Video
Something In The Water  Video
Spring Rain  Video
Stroll Along Cha-Cha  Video
Sugar, Sugar  Video
Sweet Rock And Roll  Video
Time To Swing  Video
Tush Push  Video